Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mid-Century Buildings of Fairview Park, Ohio

There are some nice mid-century buildings along Lorain Road in Fairview Park. Since it was such a nice day, and I had to go to Fairview Park to pee in a jar for GE, I decided to take a few photos. These buildings are brick and gray stone, but there are also some buildings in the area made of that yellowish brick so common on the west side of Cleveland. Many of the old buildings at NASA Glenn, not to mention my kids' school (built c. 1950), are made of that pale yellow brick.

The editor doesn't let me justify the paragraph above, so I'm leaving it centered.

Kamm's Medical Building and the Riveredge Medical Building are actually two ends of the same building. They're across from Fairview Hospital. The signage on the Kamm's building is really vintage - maybe I should call it kamm's medical building. "Kamm's" refers to Kamm's Corners, the name given to the intersection of Lorain and Rocky River Drive. Sometimes the whole neighborhood is called Kamm's Corners, but it's really part of West Park, which is named not for its location on the west side but for an early settler.

Kamm's Medical Building

Riveredge Medical Building

Nearby is a building occupied by a law office. The office space is on stilts over a parking area. The stilts are precast concrete buttress-looking things; the leftmost one is the most visible in this photo. The front of the building looks nondescript but if you look closely it's actually covered by a pattern of small circles that hide the locations of the windows. I guess they want to be able to look out without you looking in.  

A law office

A little farther west on Lorain we encounter Murton's Child Development Center. The night depository next to the front door gives it away as a former bank. You can see it attached to the front of the tall slab in the middle of the building. The bank must have been gone for some time, because the Murton's sign is obviously decades old. The only modern touch is calling it a "child development center". When I was a kid they were usually just called nursery schools or preschools.   

Murton's Child Development Center

Murton's evidently used to be a bank. The sign is a hollow tube, inside of which used to be a light. 

This sign must be as old as I am. Look at that sky - you'd think this was San Diego and not Cleveland.

I heard this is the 75th anniversary of Superman's "birth". Eh. It's a big deal in Cleveland because Superman was created by a couple of Cleveland high school students. It's more interesting to me that Steve Harvey, the comedian, also went to that high school. Always liked that guy. Also heard the west Shoreway is closed today because they're filming the new Captain America movie. Again, eh. No doubt the new movie Captain America will be fighting for a cause that the original Captain America would have fought against.

I've never gotten into the whole science fiction/fantasy genre. Tried a couple of times, but it just didn't take. I took a science fiction class in college one summer and ended up writing my term paper on The Third Wave by Toffler, which isn't even fiction. Not sure why the teacher let me get away with that one. 

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