Thursday, May 9, 2013

Called home tonight and heard chaos in the background. There are several of my younger son's best friends at the house for a sleepover and they have reached critical mass.

Drove into Schenectady after work to check out their Little Italy. It's not bad considering Schenectady is a town of just 60,000. A Westlake friend who's a Schenectady native and a relative of one of the shopowners recommended I give several of the businesses a try- which I most definitely will.

How about that Tribe? An 8-1 home stand. I am optimistic they won't suffer the late season swoons that have happened recently. I think those were a product of bad management. Manny Acta always seemed like a sharp guy in interviews but apparently he couldn't command the team's respect through the grind of a whole season.

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