Sunday, May 5, 2013


First day at new job. I got a 100%-time assignment to help develop a new technology that is vital in improving the efficiency of jet engines. Which is exactly why I changed jobs, right? Yes, but moving is hard. Correction, very hard. It takes me a long time to develop routines, and for me, every time a routine is upset, it's like a pinprick. Upset every routine and that adds up to a lot of pinpricks.

Trying to develop new routines that are a small stretch from the old ones. I am picky about groceries, and the last time I moved, I used Trader Joe's as a "bridge" because they were available in both the old and new location. So I'm doing it again here. Now I've gone to Trader Joe's in three different states. As far as I know, all Trader Joes have the same products, so the only thing non-routine is the store layout. The decor for each store follows a different theme, but for some reason I'm able to tune those differences out.

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