Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chief Wahoo: An Apologia

I know I'm supposed to be upset about Chief Wahoo, but it just ain't happening. Here's why:

1. The only people who think Chief Wahoo has anything to do with real Indians are the protesters. In other news, the Dallas Cowboys do not ride horses and the Green Bay Packers don't work in a meat-packing plant.

2. It's my understanding that most real Indians don't give a frog's fat behind about Wahoo. If there were some kind of mass sentiment against him, I would respect that, but Native Americans apparently do not consider Chief Wahoo to be among their most pressing problems.

For a while there, I was almost on the side of the protesters. If Chief Wahoo were supposed to be a caricature of a real Indian, he'd be a pretty gross one. But that's not what he is. As an Italian-American, if I'm not worked up over Super Mario Bros (and I'm not) then I'm not going to get worked up over Wahoo.

The obnoxiousness and sanctimony of some of the protesters probably had a part in moving me into the pro-Wahoo camp. At one time I thought it would be better to sort of quietly retire him in the off-season, but now I'd rather see the old guy stick around because I don't want to hand yet another victory to the Thought Police.

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