Saturday, April 30, 2016

Experimental Diet Day 6: Light at the End of the Tunnel

This morning I woke up at 1 am and read 94 mg/dl. That was, again, surprisingly high considering I hadn't eaten in six hours and that my daytime low bottoms out in the 70s. It suggests that my sugar never goes below about 90 when I'm sleeping. I guess my liver is not just an early riser, but positively nocturnal.

My regular fasting measurement (which was at 9:00 this morning because it's the weekend and that's when I get up) was 96, which is 1 lower than yesterday. Taken as a whole, the last five days' fasting values support a slow downward trend, which damn well ought to be happening considering I haven't eaten so much as a gram of refined sugar in 7 days.

The plot below shows that my sugars are higher when I'm sleeping than when I'm awake. That's either atypical, or medicine has the wrong definition of typical.

Blood glucose over the past two days or so,with waking and sleeping periods marked

I only have two more questions I want to answer. (1) If I eat my regular breakfast of plain shredded wheat and milk at noon instead of in the morning, would I get the same 50-some point blood sugar spike that I got in the morning? (I'd be starting from about 70 instead of the high 90s, so would I end up at 120 or would I shoot all the way up to 150 like I did in the morning? Or would something different happen?, and (2) If I eat a morning meal consisting of 40 grams of sugar in half a cup of milk, would I get the same blood sugar spike that I got when I ate 40 grams of plain shredded wheat in half a cup of milk? In other words, do the foul-tasting carbs in the shredded wheat get rapidly and completely digested into sugar, like my Monday spike suggests? Because if they do, then from a sugar point of view there's no benefit to eating plain shredded wheat versus frosted mini-wheats. That would be good news if true.

I'll do question (1) tomorrow and question (2) on Monday, and that will end the experiment. As a final note, I wasn't trying to lose weight with this weird diet, so I didn't measure it carefully, but I stepped on the scale this morning and it looks like I lost about 5 pounds in 7 days. Interesting but probably not sustainable for the same reason the first week's weight loss rate on any diet is unsustainable.

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